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Three Ways GMAT Preparation Online Prepares You for GMAT Time Management

By BlogMgmt On Jul 5, 2018 In  Study Plans General GMAT 


Want to know the best way to make time fly faster than you knew possible? Take the GMAT! While 62 and 65 minutes (for Quant and Verbal respectively) may sound like plenty of time, you’ll be amazed at how fleeting that precious time becomes. The conventional advice to keep your test on track is to take 1.5 minutes for every Verbal question and 2 minutes for each problem in Quant. But in reality, every question requires its own timing, and you need to develop a good sense for keeping things on track.


How to Develop Good Time Management

Spending your test time watching the clock is sure to up your anxiety. At the same time, it’s doubtful that timing each question will contribute much to your overall success. So how can you guarantee good time management on the GMAT? One great way to prepare is by doing your GMAT preparation online. By studying with an online program, you train for the real exam in ways no other study method allows. Here are three specific ways that GMAT preparation online hones your time management skills.

Computer-Based Prep for a Computer-Based Test

Pencil and paper are great tools for working through specific concepts. At the same time, there is no better preparation for an exam than simulating test conditions. Moving your GMAT preparation online allows you to experience practice tests and problems in a similar way to the actual exam.

Developing Your Sense of Time

Most people do not have a clear sense of the length of a second, minute, or hour. While working on GMAT preparation online, you learn not only concepts, but also the amount of time it takes you to use them. As you become more comfortable with the ways problems are solved, you will begin to break sections into groups and set reasonable time frames for their completion.

Focus on Your Work, Not on the Time

Thanks to the built-in timers and tracking in online GMAT prep courses, you can focus on getting your answers correct. It can be distracting and anxiety-inducing to try to track time and find answers. Online GMAT prep gives you the opportunity to find a rhythm in your work while keeping you mindful of your progress.

Time management is crucial to your GMAT success. Regardless of your preparation for the exam, you cannot score well if you are leaving significant numbers of questions unanswered. By choosing GMAT preparation online, you give yourself an advantage. Online instruction prepares you with the time management skills you need to score your best. If you are looking for the best GMAT preparation online, take a look at our EMPOWERgmat course here. We use real GMAT questions, and we guarantee results.

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