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Should You Take the GMAT or the GRE?

By BlogMgmt On Jul 12, 2018 In  General GMAT MBA Advice & Tips 


The GMAT and the GRE are frequently discussed as rival exams. In reality, they are very different and difficult to even compare. The two tests differ in types of questions, adaptive algorithm, scoring, and test-taker demographics. Because of all of these differences, you can easily determine which one to take. Base your decision between the two tests on your goals, your top school choices, and your strengths and weaknesses. Today, we’ll expand on these criteria to help you pinpoint the right choice for your needs.

What Are Your Grad School Goals?

If you are set on getting an MBA and will only be applying to business schools, the GMAT is the top choice for you. It is designed specifically for business school applications and is considered the best option for MBA hopefuls. On the other hand, if you are considering different graduate school options and will be applying to non-MBA Masters programs, the GRE is more widely accepted. For broader possibilities, choosing the GRE makes sense.

Which Business Schools Are Your Top Choices?

When considering business school, some students aim for the top schools and fight to get there. If this is your philosophy, you definitely want to opt for the GMAT. While most business schools will accept GRE scores, the broader test still isn’t the typical choice for serious business school students. Your application won’t be rejected out of hand, but the comparison between GRE and GMAT scores is a hard one. This means that comparing you to other candidates becomes difficult.

While taking the GRE for business school is not the gold standard, it is becoming more common. Top-tier schools only admit a small percentage of students who apply with the GRE (about 3-5%). But as you travel down the list, you find that some schools admit as many as 30-40%.

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Ultimately, your goal should be to submit the best scores you can. For some candidates, that means that the disadvantages of submitting GRE scores are outweighed by their ability to score well. If you have excellent verbal skills and worry about logic-based problems, the GRE is better suited to your strengths. Alternatively, if you are solid in logic and Quant, the GMAT is a promising choice.

As always, much of your success comes down to preparation. Whichever exam you choose, do not rely on your natural skills. Set aside enough time to study well. Additionally, find the right tools to assist you in your studying. EMPOWERgmat offers the best GMAT prep course available and has been voted #1 for a 700+ score rate. Try our course for free today.

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