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As you prepare for your GMAT exam, you may be surprised at the variety of study options. Some business school hopefuls decide to self-direct and use GMAT prep materials they collect themselves. Others opt for a classroom course, depending on the teachers to cover everything they need to score well. The third option, which is growing in popularity, is an online GMAT course. These courses are crafted by experts and draw on the many GMAT resources available. Here are three key reasons why you should prepare for your GMAT exam […]
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In June of 2017, GMAC announced the GMAT Select Sections Order . This means that GMAT test takers can now choose the order in which they complete the exam. This is a big change from the former uniform order, and while it is definitely positive, it can bring some uncertainty with it. Here are some tips on how to use the GMAT Select Sections Order and what it means for you. The Options While you now have a say in the order of your GMAT sections, your choice […]
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Here’s a common question: How much time should you spend studying for the GMAT exam? Many experts say things like “a minimum of 100 hours.” Others say to generally allow 2-3 months. It’s true that research shows a correlation between more study hours and a higher score . At the same time, extra time spent studying does not guarantee you will score as high as you hope. Realistically, GMAT test prep looks different for each test-taker. Here are a few key questions that will help you establish a solid timeline. […]
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Business school hopefuls spend months on GMAT prep, but even in that 100+ hours of study, the verbal section of the exam often gets overlooked. Many test-takers don’t even understand what the verbal section is measuring, how it is scored, and how it fits into their overall score. Here is a quick overview of what you need to know, including what the verbal section includes, how it’s scored, and whether it really matters. What is Included? The verbal section of the GMAT includes three types of questions: reading comprehension, […]
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During GMAT prep, many people often neglect the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) portion of the GMAT exam. However, the AWA is different from the rest of the exam because it requires test-takers to generate unique content rather than answer multiple choice questions. Looking at a blank page can be intimidating. Thankfully, by adding a little bit of writing to your GMAT prep, you can write an excellent essay and get the AWA score you’re hoping for. What Is the AWA Anyway? The AWA tests your ability to analyze […]
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You’ve studied for months, and your scores on the practice tests are promising. Finally, you have registered for the GMAT exam, and it’s almost test day. There are ways to ensure that the 24-48 hours leading up to the test will help you get your best score. Here are some tips on how to spend that time. Map It Out It’s essential that you know the exact route you will take and how long it will take you to arrive. Plan to be at the center at least […]
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You know you need to start your GMAT preparation, but where do you begin? There’s not one right way to cover the material you need to know, but there are good arguments for starting with Quant topics. Here’s how to make that happen. Know What Quant Is The Quantitative portion of the GMAT is made up of questions that include problem-solving and basic mathematics (specifically arithmetic, algebra, and geometry). It includes 37 multiple-choice questions, and you have 75 minutes to complete them. Each problem has a single right answer, […]
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After years in undergrad, you’re used to the drill. You stay up late, you read, you review your notes. When exam time comes, you take a deep breath and do your best. The number of exams you’ve taken in the past four years number in the dozens at least. Are you expecting your GMAT prep to be the same? Let’s take a look at some ways that studying for the GMAT is the same and different from the test taking you’ve mastered at your university. Study Buddy or Study […]
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If you want to get into your top schools, your GMAT exam scores need to show your full potential. Even if you work hard to prepare, you may take the exam and end up disappointed with your score. Many business school hopefuls worry that multiple GMAT scores on their applications will damage their chances of acceptance. In reality, there are many reasons why taking the GMAT exam twice (or even three times!) will actually tip the odds in your favor. Nerves May Get the Best of You Everyone gets […]
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You're hard at work preparing for the GMAT, but when should you schedule the actual test? There are many factors to consider, and all of them hinge on the timing of your business school application. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding when to schedule your test. Am I ready? This is the definitive question. If you aren’t ready for the GMAT, clearly it’s not a good time to take it. Experts suggest setting aside 2-3 months to study. That's the equivalent of 80-100 study hours […]
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GMAT prep can be mind-blogging. There is an overwhelming amount of information to learn in an ever-dwindling period of time. Even events intended for relaxation can just be a reminder that you should be studying. There is also the feeling of oppression that comes with the knowledge that within the next few months you will be consumed entirely with studying. During the GMAT prep, it can be hard to buckle down and stick to a prep plan. Here are some GMAT prep tips for when you have lost motivation. Think About […]
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EMPOWERgmat is the only test prep company in the world with straight-to-the-point video explanations. Every topic and every single question in the course is followed by an expert video breakdown. When looking for a GMAT prep course, you want the most professional, thorough, and accessible service available. While there are a handful of GMAT classes to choose from, our online courses offer advantages many programs do not. Our video lessons are an organized, step-by-step approach with thousands of interwoven questions. We’ve looked at the competition, and these are the […]
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GMAT test preparation involves making sure you have the basic skills you need, understand the question formats, and know how to pace yourself. EMPOWERgmat built a program centered on official GMAT material as a key part of any study strategy you choose. It gives you the actual experience of taking the exam. Our program includes several updated features, including tools to help you review your responses, analyze your scores, and customize practice sessions. We have designed a program to keep you on track with studying and completely prepared for the […]
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When looking for the best online GMAT courses, you probably compare every aspect of each program. One primary difference between our program and all the others is that we offer a different approach to training. The right instructors can help you prep for the test in a variety of ways. Discover some of the qualities you should look for in an instructor to help you complete your study plan. Knowledge of All Aspects of the GMAT The best GMAT instructors offer more than just the general advice regarding the test […]
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Completing a certain number of study hours does not guarantee a particular GMAT score. If you're looking for a top GMAT score, you're of course going to need to put in the time. Studying for the GMAT is a serious time commitment, usually requiring a least two to three months of preparation. Most aspiring MBAs know what to study, but are unsure of how to make the appropriate time commitment to study.  An older GMAT survey of MBA.com registrants showed a strong relationship between the hours spent on preparation […]
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Standing out in a crowd of competitors like Kaplan and Princeton Review is not an easy task. While both these programs offer a wide variety of GMAT prep options, at EMPOWERgmat, we provide the best GMAT prep. There are several programs available for students, each delivering qualities that others do not possess. At EMPOWERgmat, we’ve taken all those qualities and made our GMAT prep course the best in the field. Here are five essential ways we stand apart from the competition: 1.    We use retired official GMAT questions […]
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Guarantees for online services and digital products are one of today's most influential techniques for attracting more sales. A strong guarantee shows that the company truly believes in their product. At EMPOWERgmat, we believe 100% in our GMAT prep courses, but we also know that our students are ultimately the ones who need to apply themselves to fully understand the concepts of the GMT test. At EMPOWERgmat, we offer the most compelling guarantee combined with the best online GMAT prep course. We offer not one promise, but three. We […]
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There are a variety of online resources available when it comes to preparing for the GMAT. The best GMAT prep course online is the one that offers a package that meets your individual needs. The reviews on the courses may be outstanding, but if the program doesn’t fit your needs, it will not suffice. The GMAT prep course you choose should be flexible and customizable, adapting to your progress as you continue the program. Online GMAT prep courses can either follow a set schedule or allow you to set […]
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Regardless of your skill level, GMAT preparation takes a lot of time. Admissions counselors, GMAT course instructors, and tutors will all advise applicants to study 100 to 170 hours for a least three months. The top scorers on the GMAT spend 170 hours or more studying for test day over the course of three months. The length of each study session varies based on each person's specific situation and the way his or her brain processes information. Most students in general aim for sessions between one and three hours in […]
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Companies love ambition. If they see you have completed the GMAT, you have a higher probability of getting a job interview. During interviews, you may even get asked directly about having achieved the GMAT and about your intentions for an MBA. Employers want employees who are distinct. By taking the GMAT, you are exemplifying progressive steps to improving your talents, realizing your strengths and weaknesses, and continuing learning. Below are five reasons the GMAT will matter in your career. 1.    The GMAT is required for admission to many of […]
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With a five-star rating and the lowest price guarantee, Beat the GMAT shows that EMPOWERgmat has taken the lead in the online GMAT prep course. When looking to score the highest possible number on the test, you want topnotch study materials. There are many great options for GMAT prep courses, but there are four proven advantages of using the EMPOWERgmat courses. 1)    GMAT prep course delivery The best GMAT prep course online companies will offer live classes or videos for students who want or need more guidance on […]
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There are a variety of online resources available when it comes to preparing for the GMAT. The best GMAT prep course online is the one that offers a package that meets your individual needs. The reviews on the courses may be outstanding, but if the program doesn’t fit your needs, it will not suffice. The GMAT prep course you choose should be flexible and customizable, adapting to your progress as you continue the program. Online GMAT prep courses can either follow a set schedule or allow you to set […]
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The coveted cover letter was a valuable tool for job seekers. It acted as the key to the HR gatekeeper lock. Unfortunately for the cover letter, the rise of tech, social media, Millennials, and good old fashioned networking is leading the way for MBA grads and business majors. In fact, there is a very good chance your cover letter won’t even get read. According to Fortune, approximately 90 percent of recruiters admit to never reading them. Oddly, most job posts still require a cover letter. Even if the […]
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During application season, most Business School applicants assume that once they’ve submitted their applications that the process of applying to Business School is ostensibly over. While they are certainly free to believe that (and can ‘rest on their laurels’), they’re missing out on several steps that they can take to potentially improve the strength of their overall applications. Most Business Schools receive thousands of applications across the application Rounds.  All of those applications take time to review – often weeks or even months can go by before an Admissions […]
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We’re now just beginning the first full week of 2017 and this is a time of year when many people look to define their goals for the coming 12 months. The start of any year can be seen as representative of the potential for new opportunities, journeys and challenges and it can provide you with a great ‘leaping off’ point for some career-defining (and future-defining) work. Since you’re reading this article, you’re almost certainly considering Business School as part of that future. You might even be in the process of […]
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