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Retaking the GMAT is an option many pre-grad students choose. But how do you know when you need to or if you should retake it? We’re answering all of your questions regarding retaking the GMAT so you can make an informed decision. How Often Is Retaking The GMAT Acceptable? There are strict guidelines for how often you can retake the GMAT. You can retake the exam up to 5 times in a 12-month period. However, you can only take it once during a 16-day period. But if you […]
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Taking the GMAT is a huge undertaking. The exam requires quite a bit of studying if you want to achieve a score that’s good enough to get you into the school you want to attend. Investing in a GMAT prep course is a surefire way to help you become adequately prepared to take this exam. Study Materials For All Aspects Of The Exam You might think you could master either the Quant or Verbal sections of the GMAT (or both) with very little studying. But, despite your knowledge […]
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Succeeding on the GMAT means taking all the necessary steps to prepare yourself. You want to go into this exam ready for anything and taking each question in stride. With these 3 steps, you’ll be able to  prepare for the GMAT effectively. Understand The Layout Of The GMAT When you understand how the exam is laid out, you have a better idea of what you need to study. In our GMAT Preparation Courses, you'll learn what the purpose of the test and the topics are. When you do […]
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Looking for the best GMAT prep course? Then let's be honest for a minute. You can find all sorts of cheap and free ways to study for the GMAT, but those options just won't serve you well. You'll want a high quality, full-service GMAT prep course if you want to get the best possible score. At Empower GMAT, we provide just that. Take a look around our website to find the product that will work best for you. First, though, let's look at why a good GMAT prep course has […]
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Finding the right GMAT study plan can help you stay on track and get the score you’re looking for. Many prospective MBA students face the difficult task of balancing a full-time job and preparing for the GMAT at the same time. So many prospective students with good intentions set a plan only to run out of steam in a few weeks. Understanding how you best work and what conditions need to be in place for you to succeed with a study plan can help set realistic milestones along the way. […]
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When it comes to online GMAT courses, you have options. The unfortunate reality is that you also have a lot of bad, or inferior options. More than anything else, we want you to be successful at the GMAT so that your MBA dreams can come true. When looking for a program to help you get the score you desire on the GMAT, here are three critical ingredients for online GMAT courses. GMAC Authenticity If you are going to spend time and money on GMAT test prep , it […]
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Search for "GMAT prep course" on Google, and you're bound to get tons of hits. With hundreds, maybe even thousands, to choose from, how do you know what's right for you? Who offers the best test prep so that you can realize your dream? We're glad you asked. Here are a few of the ways that EMPOWERgmat is a cut above the rest. How, Not Just What The GMAT is more than just a knowledge exam. It is a test of a set of skills and how you use […]
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Every year a new crop of official GMAT prep books are written, printed, and shipped to bookstores all over the country. They've served their purpose in the past, and while some still find success with them, we believe there are some very distinct advantages to computer-based GMAT prep . Here are a few of the reasons we think you'll love our GMAT-optimized course. It Fits Your Lifestyle Most likely, you already carry around a laptop or tablet that you use to access the internet, complete school assignments, or […]
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While nothing can replace good, old-fashioned studying, it can also be helpful to have some tricks up your sleeve on the GMAT. Here we're going to cover some useful GMAT prep shortcuts to help sharpen your skills for the big day! Process of Elimination The first GMAT prep shortcut we recommend is using the process of elimination first to establish which answers are out. Usually, you can eliminate one to two answers early on in your problem-solving. With every answer you remove, you increase your chances of getting it […]
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Sentence correction on the GMAT can be challenging. One reason is that many people are not skilled at writing in a grammatically sound way. Additionally, very few people talk in a grammatically sound way. Body language, colloquialism, and a dozen other factors help us to communicate clearly, if not grammatically. This leads many GMAT test takers to rely on what "sounds right" to solve the questions in the sentence correction portion of the GMAT. While this may work sometimes, it is not a sound strategy for those hoping to score […]
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There's a lot more than you might think about becoming a competitive business school candidate . As the standard business degree, employers are often looking for the depth of knowledge that comes along with an MBA. Additionally, they also weigh education as a factor in highly-competitive raises. Since business school training has become more highly emphasized in the workplace, competition for coveted MBA spots is even more cut-throat. More competition means higher standards, which means you need to be as prepared as possible. Here, we're highlighting some fundamental ways to […]
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If you are preparing to apply to business school, you know that there are numerous opportunities for assistance. Your options range from interview coaches to private tutors to books by experts. In reality, however, you are working with limited resources. You need to be sure that the supports you choose will give you the best boost for your investment. And that’s where online GMAT courses come in. The past ten years have seen a great increase in the popularity of GMAT prep online, and there are great reasons for its […]
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The GMAT exam requires preparation. You need to plan your GMAT preparation in order to maximize your results. We have written before about How Long You Should Study for the GMAT. The bottom line is that you should allow several months to study. During those months you need to study frequently and regularly. Of course, you already have a busy and full life. Here are some tips for integrating your GMAT preparation into the rest of your busy life.   Schedule Your GMAT Preparation   GMAT […]
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Your GMAT score is crucial for your MBA program application. Proper preparation is necessary for you to score your best. Doing well on the GMAT involves understanding the content, but it also involves understanding the GMAT itself. We’ve written before about the first steps for getting ready for the GMAT . You need to understand how much time you have to prepare and set aside enough time for proper preparation. Once you have the time blocked out on your schedule, you need to select a GMAT prep course. Your GMAT […]
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There are plenty of ways to prepare for a big test. Obviously you will study the material, but you may also practice focus and relaxation exercises, eat intentionally, and make sure you get lots of sleep. One aspect of GMAT preparation you may have overlooked is the GMAT costs. There are several financial costs associated with the exam, and depending on your particular situation you may need to budget for them. Here is a list of the various costs associated with your GMAT appointment so you can plan ahead. […]
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We’ve written before about retaking the GMAT , and how to know if it’s the right choice for you. While retaking the exam isn’t an uncommon choice, it doesn’t guarantee a better score. In fact, sometimes the whole endeavor can feel like a waste - weeks of work and $250 is a lot to invest for only a 20-point gain! So here are some important things to remember if you choose to take the GMAT a second time. Do Something New Neglecting this is one of the biggest […]
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You’ve decided the GMAT is the right test for you. Maybe you’ve even registered for the test. So now what? If you are just beginning your GMAT prep journey, it can be daunting to decide where and how to begin your studies. We’ve written before about beginning strategically with Quant. But there are also more general steps to take as you prepare for the marathon of GMAT preparation. Here’s how to get started so you maintain your momentum and reach your goals. Count Backwards for Your Timeline The […]
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Want to know the best way to make time fly faster than you knew possible? Take the GMAT! While 62 and 65 minutes (for Quant and Verbal respectively) may sound like plenty of time, you’ll be amazed at how fleeting that precious time becomes. The conventional advice to keep your test on track is to take 1.5 minutes for every Verbal question and 2 minutes for each problem in Quant. But in reality, every question requires its own timing, and you need to develop a good sense for keeping things […]
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There are plenty of posts written about how many hours you should devote to GMAT prep. However, if you decide to make up a chart with 100 or 125 hours on it, crossing it off as you go, you may be surprised that at the end you’re not scoring much better. That’s because it isn’t only the quantity of practice that ensures success. If you spend your GMAT prep hours efficiently, you can boost your score and meet your goals. But that efficiency requires a plan. Here are specific ways […]
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It’s one thing to organize and plan your GMAT study schedule. It’s another entirely to stick to it. Sheer determination alone won’t get you across the finish line to confidently taking the GMAT exam. Instead, your GMAT prep should be tailored just to you. Your strengths, your schedule, and your needs should all play a role in preparing you for the test day. As you work to keep your GMAT prep on schedule, here are some tips to help you stay on track and meet your goals. Pace Yourself […]
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In June of 2017, GMAC announced the GMAT Select Sections Order . This means that GMAT test takers can now choose the order in which they complete the exam. This is a big change from the former uniform order, and while it is definitely positive, it can bring some uncertainty with it. Here are some tips on how to use the GMAT Select Sections Order and what it means for you. The Options While you now have a say in the order of your GMAT sections, your choice […]
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Here’s a common question: How much time should you spend studying for the GMAT exam? Many experts say things like “a minimum of 100 hours.” Others say to generally allow 2-3 months. It’s true that research shows a correlation between more study hours and a higher score . At the same time, extra time spent studying does not guarantee you will score as high as you hope. Realistically, GMAT test prep looks different for each test-taker. Here are a few key questions that will help you establish a solid timeline. […]
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GMAT prep can be mind-blogging. There is an overwhelming amount of information to learn in an ever-dwindling period of time. Even events intended for relaxation can just be a reminder that you should be studying. There is also the feeling of oppression that comes with the knowledge that within the next few months you will be consumed entirely with studying. During the GMAT prep, it can be hard to buckle down and stick to a prep plan. Here are some GMAT prep tips for when you have lost motivation. Think About […]
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GMAT test preparation involves making sure you have the basic skills you need, understand the question formats, and know how to pace yourself. EMPOWERgmat built a program centered on official GMAT material as a key part of any study strategy you choose. It gives you the actual experience of taking the exam. Our program includes several updated features, including tools to help you review your responses, analyze your scores, and customize practice sessions. We have designed a program to keep you on track with studying and completely prepared for the […]
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Completing a certain number of study hours does not guarantee a particular GMAT score. If you're looking for a top GMAT score, you're of course going to need to put in the time. Studying for the GMAT is a serious time commitment, usually requiring a least two to three months of preparation. Most aspiring MBAs know what to study, but are unsure of how to make the appropriate time commitment to study.  An older GMAT survey of MBA.com registrants showed a strong relationship between the hours spent on preparation […]
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