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Should You Get Your MBA?

By BlogMgmt On Dec 27, 2018 In  General GMAT MBA Advice & Tips 


So, you might get your MBA? Well, it can be a great decision and a real boost for your career. However, you need to ask yourself if an MBA is right for you. Here at EMPOWERgmat, we're passionate about helping people achieve their goals, especially as it relates to an MBA. We've compiled a list of questions to help you find out if it's the right decision for you.

What Do You Hope to Get Out of Your MBA?

There are many different reasons to get an MBA. While there are no right or wrong reasons, it's wise to ask yourself why you want an MBA. You also want to know if those desires will be met if you get your MBA.

Are you looking for an increased paycheck? If so, does your company see a connection between the worth of an employee and her education? Is your employer supportive? Is this necessary for a promotion? Are there specific skills that you need your MBA to provide? You can begin jotting down a list what you hope to get out of your MBA and determining if it will help you accomplish those goals.

How Will You Pay for Your MBA?

Practically speaking, this is the most critical question. You have to be able to foot the bill, either with grants, scholarships, or loans. These factors are affected by loans you may have from for previous degrees and what is offered in your specific master's program. MBA's typically have robust funding options, but they are also competitive. When seeking to get your MBA, think about what an acceptable level of debt is for you and your family, or if you have the dispensable income in your budget to pay out of pocket. Also, remember that adding up tuition rates by the credit hour is only part of the expense. There are also potential charges for additional travel, book, fees, and other unknowns.

Do You Have a Support System?

You can't make it through any graduate-level program without having a support system. If you are married, your spouse needs to be on board and supportive. It will take time from those who are used to getting your time, so they will also have to sacrifice along with you. Knowing why you're doing it often helps in this realm.

Preparing for Application

Naturally, if you decide to get your MBA, you'll need to develop a competitive application. Taking the GMAT will likely be a requirement, and at EMPOWERgmat, we excel at helping students like you get into the programs they want by excelling at the GMAT. We offer great courses and instruction in an online environment intended to simulate the test itself. As you prepare to decide on whether or not to go forward with your MBA, jump over to our site and see how we can help!

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