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GMAT Quant: Studying the Basics

By BlogMgmt On Oct 18, 2018 In  Quant Data Sufficiency Basics General GMAT 


The GMAT Quant is one of the basic sections on the GMAT standardized test. In this section, you have just over an hour to answer 31 multiple-choice questions to assess basic math and problem-solving aptitude. This is a generic assessment of basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry without the use of a calculator. Basic math review can help you get ready for this section on the GMAT. The key thing is not to try and review decades of math. Instead, do a targeted review of the basics and get ready for data sufficiency questions, which is unique to GMAT Quant.

Targeted Review of the Basics

The key to studying the basics for GMAT Quant is to identify areas of weakness. For example, some people struggle with Roman Numeral Questions on the GMAT Quant. One of the best ways to identify your weak areas is to take a practice exam. Or if you have taken the GMAT previously, make sure you get an Enhanced Score Report to understand more about why you scored the way you did on different sections. The practice exams (or your first try on the GMAT) can give you a baseline understanding of your math basics. You can quickly identify key areas for improvement and then target that type of question. Maybe you need to do some quick review if you haven't used algebra and geometry in a while. Or you may also need to go back and learn some things for the first time if you missed those in your academic career.

GMAT Quant – Data Sufficiency

The GMAT Quant has a set of questions focused on data sufficiency. These questions are unique to the GMAT. So, you cannot rely on past math classes to get you ready for these questions. While this makes them tricky, you can study data sufficiency questions and practice them as part of your test preparation. The goal of these questions is not to solve for an answer. Instead, you are trying to figure out if you have enough information in order to answer the question. You aren’t answering the questions but figuring out whether or not the question can be answered sufficiently from the data you have been given. These questions test your ability to apply basic math skills. Practice exams will help you become comfortable with these unique questions to help you succeed in this part of the GMAT Quant.
If you're looking for a GMAT prep course to help you study for the GMAT Quant section, try out EMPOWERgmat. At EMPOWERgmat, we are here to help you succeed. Our training programs and practice exams help you review the basics and shore up areas of weakness.

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