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Tips to Keep Your GMAT Prep on Schedule

By BlogMgmt On May 31, 2018 In  Study Plans General GMAT 


It’s one thing to organize and plan your GMAT study schedule. It’s another entirely to stick to it. Sheer determination alone won’t get you across the finish line to confidently taking the GMAT exam. Instead, your GMAT prep should be tailored just to you. Your strengths, your schedule, and your needs should all play a role in preparing you for the test day. As you work to keep your GMAT prep on schedule, here are some tips to help you stay on track and meet your goals.

Pace Yourself

Just because you want to get in 100+ hours of study time doesn’t mean you need to fit in 50 of them this week. In fact, research shows that breaks are just as important to your learning as the actual time you spend on GMAT prep. With this in mind, don’t overwork yourself or you might burn out and find it hard to continue. Study 1 to 2 hours at a time, taking stretch breaks at least every half hour. Also, physical exercise right after studying can actually help cement the new material in your mind.

Be Specific in Your Goals

Every time you sit down to study, you should have a particular goal in mind. For instance, perhaps on Mondays, you will focus on correcting sentences, and on Tuesdays you refresh principles for Quant. Whatever pattern you choose to follow, having a plan in mind when you begin to study will keep you fresh and focused. Additionally, when you skip a study session (which may happen from time to time), you can jump back in without hesitation. Make a checklist and mark it each time you work. A visible reminder of all the small steps you are taking will keep you motivated on the long road of GMAT prep.

Choose Where and How You Study Carefully

Location is everything, right? It’s very important to protect your study space to preserve your attention and motivation. As you craft your GMAT study schedule, also think through how you can study undistracted. Some ideas include turning off your phone while you study, using earplugs or headphones, and ensuring everyone around you knows not to interrupt. GMAT prep is not the time for multitasking! Give your studying your full attention, and you will absorb more information, and faster.

Don’t Try to Go It Alone

Your GMAT prep will absolutely suffer if you try to go it alone. Finding a community of business school hopefuls will provide you with accountability. For instance, the internet is full of forums and Facebook groups specifically formed for GMAT students, all ready to help one another. Also, take advantage of the expert resources available. The EMPOWERgmat online course brings together the best GMAT prep materials all in one place. Adapt your GMAT study schedule to your calendar and your needs while receiving the highest quality instruction.

You can get a score of 700 or higher on the GMAT! With the right GMAT study schedule, a carefully chosen study space, and the tools and community you need to stay focused, you will be prepared and confident when test day comes. GMAT prep is different for everyone, but by following these tips you can keep to your schedule and ace the test.

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