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GMAT Score Booster
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At EmpowerGMAT, we've helped thousands of test-takers boost their score on the GMAT. We'll train you to think like the GMAT test makers with a program specifically optimized for score improvement. If you've tried other programs only to be disappointed, we can help you succeed.

It's pretty simple: sign up, follow a Score Booster Study Plan PDF to guide you through the online syllabus, and earn a higher score. We're backed by the most powerful On-Demand GMAT prep course guarantee in the world.

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Use a Score Booster Plan PDF to guide you through the course

Quick 2-6 Week Turnaround

Standard study plans usually require 3 months of time; The Score Booster Study Plans help leverage the work you've already done by reinforcing it, and showing you advanced GMAT tactics to help you succeed in 2-6 weeks.

Insane Guarantee: 100 Points or Free

The EMPOWERgmat Guarantee Structure:
Guarantee Ranges:

100 Points - Scored from 200-580

70 Points - Scored from 590-640

Improve your score - From 650+

Score Cancellation Guarantee: Any canceled score (get a free month of EMPOWERgmat prep)

To register for the guarantee:
1) Send us your official score report to info@empowergmat.com when you sign up
2) Complete all of the EMPOWERgmat lessons within your study plan
3) If you don't hit the guaranteed increase or if you cancel, just send us the new official score report, or a screenshot of your cancellation, and that's it!

FREE 24 Hour Trial

Give a Score Booster Study Plan a 24 hour spin. You're free to cancel within 24 hours at no charge.

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The GMAT course that changed everything.

The GMAT course that changed everything.

“I got two 640s, then found EMPOWER and got a 730. The course blew my mind!”

— Catie D., EMPOWERGMAT Alum | Score: 730

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