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You will face approximately a dozen critical reasoning questions on your GMAT exam. There is a wide variety of types of critical reasoning questions, but almost all of them require the same basic techniques. The goal of GMAT critical reasoning questions is to test your ability to evaluate an argument and its conclusions. This is a business skill that your career will frequently require. Here are four simple tips to improve your critical reasoning score. Remember How You Are Being Tested While critical reasoning questions do require some […]
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The GMAT exam requires preparation. You need to plan your GMAT preparation in order to maximize your results. We have written before about How Long You Should Study for the GMAT. The bottom line is that you should allow several months to study. During those months you need to study frequently and regularly. Of course, you already have a busy and full life. Here are some tips for integrating your GMAT preparation into the rest of your busy life.   Schedule Your GMAT Preparation   GMAT […]
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The GMAT Quant is one of the basic sections on the GMAT standardized test. In this section, you have just over an hour to answer 31 multiple-choice questions to assess basic math and problem-solving aptitude. This is a generic assessment of basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry without the use of a calculator. Basic math review can help you get ready for this section on the GMAT. The key thing is not to try and review decades of math. Instead, do a targeted review of the basics and get ready for […]
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Your GMAT score is crucial for your MBA program application. Proper preparation is necessary for you to score your best. Doing well on the GMAT involves understanding the content, but it also involves understanding the GMAT itself. We’ve written before about the first steps for getting ready for the GMAT . You need to understand how much time you have to prepare and set aside enough time for proper preparation. Once you have the time blocked out on your schedule, you need to select a GMAT prep course. Your GMAT […]
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We have written before about why you should take the GMAT twice and strategies for your second time . If you are retaking the GMAT, then you should be using the Enhanced Score Report. You know what your score was, but do you know why? The Enhanced Score Report will help you understand why you scored the way you did and help you improve the second time around. Don’t retake the GMAT without the Enhanced Score Report.  How to Get Your Enhanced Score Report The GMAT Enhanced Score […]
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Exam-takers will struggle with different sections of the verbal portion of the GMAT. Critical thinking questions are focused on logic, sentence correction on grammar, and reading comprehension on understanding. Depending on your strengths, some of these questions will come more easily to you than others. Today we’re going to focus on GMAT reading comprehension. If this is an area you struggle, here are four ways you can improve your reading comprehension for the GMAT and improve your GMAT prep . Summarize The easiest way to comprehend something you […]
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There are plenty of ways to prepare for a big test. Obviously you will study the material, but you may also practice focus and relaxation exercises, eat intentionally, and make sure you get lots of sleep. One aspect of GMAT preparation you may have overlooked is the GMAT costs. There are several financial costs associated with the exam, and depending on your particular situation you may need to budget for them. Here is a list of the various costs associated with your GMAT appointment so you can plan ahead. […]
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If you have the preparation behind you, Quant is a great place to build momentum and fall into a quick rhythm to meet your timing goals. While they are rare, Roman numeral questions are known to be speed blockers for many GMAT takers. Some business school hopefuls decide to skip studying for these questions altogether and just guess the answer if they happen upon one. This makes some strategic sense since you could complete your whole GMAT without seeing a single Roman numeral. At the same time, with some simple […]
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There are obvious ways to prepare for GMAT success . Study hard. Use quality study materials. Pace your preparations well. Sleep well the nights leading up to your exam. But it is possible you haven’t considered another crucial component of your GMAT preparation: mental endurance . The GMAT exam is a three and a half hour marathon, and it will tax both your body and your mind. It is important that you equip yourself for the task ahead. Here are four ways to prepare yourself for the mental endurance the […]
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If you’re just beginning your GMAT prep and it’s been a while since you’ve studied math at a high school level or above, you’re likely very intimidated. Just reading a practice algebra problem is overwhelming and makes your head spin. The good news is, you’ll probably catch on in no time. But it’s important to approach your studies in a way that gets you to your goal: competence and GMAT success. Here are some things to remember as you prepare for the GMAT algebra questions. The Difference Between Memorizing […]
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About a third of the questions in the verbal section of the GMAT are sentence correction questions. These questions test your English skills and are known to stump many an exam-taker. While sentence correction can be tricky, it is also a section of the exam that has the potential to boost your score and time if you get it down correctly. Here are four ways to increase your speed and accuracy on sentence correction. Figure Out Which Concepts the Question Includes Every sentence correction problem will include a […]
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Business school hopefuls scour the internet for the success stories, those underdogs who aced the GMAT exam or the student who found a study trick that earned them a top score. At the same time, every test-taker wonders if their story will end so well. Scoring over a 700 on the GMAT is absolutely possible, but it isn’t easy or accidental. So, do you have it in you? What exactly does it take to score that high? Here are three choices you need to make if you want to be […]
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Integrated Reasoning (IR) is the newest section on the GMAT exam. Introduced in 2012, it aims to test your ability to analyze and interpret data. The questions include graphs, tables, charts, and passages. Ideally, you will show skill in synthesizing data from multiple sources and successfully draw conclusions from that data. So, what does it take to do well on this section of the GMAT? And what role should it take in your GMAT prep? Read on to learn more. A Focus on Data Ultimately, the Integrated Reasoning […]
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We’ve written before about retaking the GMAT , and how to know if it’s the right choice for you. While retaking the exam isn’t an uncommon choice, it doesn’t guarantee a better score. In fact, sometimes the whole endeavor can feel like a waste - weeks of work and $250 is a lot to invest for only a 20-point gain! So here are some important things to remember if you choose to take the GMAT a second time. Do Something New Neglecting this is one of the biggest […]
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  Preparing for reading comprehension on the GMAT is crucial because it makes up roughly a third of the questions. The passages are about 200-350 words in length and have 3-4 attached questions each. These passages come from scholarly articles from textbooks, journals, periodicals, etc. You are not expected to have any prior knowledge of the subject; however, your reading comprehension skills must be on par. We’ll discuss some strategies to prepare for the GMAT reading comprehension section. Pace Yourself With any standardized test including the GMAT, […]
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You’ve decided the GMAT is the right test for you. Maybe you’ve even registered for the test. So now what? If you are just beginning your GMAT prep journey, it can be daunting to decide where and how to begin your studies. We’ve written before about beginning strategically with Quant. But there are also more general steps to take as you prepare for the marathon of GMAT preparation. Here’s how to get started so you maintain your momentum and reach your goals. Count Backwards for Your Timeline The […]
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The GMAT and the GRE are frequently discussed as rival exams. In reality, they are very different and difficult to even compare. The two tests differ in types of questions, adaptive algorithm, scoring, and test-taker demographics. Because of all of these differences, you can easily determine which one to take. Base your decision between the two tests on your goals, your top school choices, and your strengths and weaknesses. Today, we’ll expand on these criteria to help you pinpoint the right choice for your needs. What Are Your Grad […]
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Want to know the best way to make time fly faster than you knew possible? Take the GMAT! While 62 and 65 minutes (for Quant and Verbal respectively) may sound like plenty of time, you’ll be amazed at how fleeting that precious time becomes. The conventional advice to keep your test on track is to take 1.5 minutes for every Verbal question and 2 minutes for each problem in Quant. But in reality, every question requires its own timing, and you need to develop a good sense for keeping things […]
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If you are hoping to get into business school, you will most likely be pouring hours of your time into studying for the GMAT exam. At some point, you will probably find yourself asking if all the work and stress is worthwhile. Could the test be that important for business school? The short answer is yes, it definitely is. But as with most answers, it’s more nuanced than that. Let’s explore the role of the GMAT in the business school application process and beyond. The Role of the GMAT […]
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There are plenty of posts written about how many hours you should devote to GMAT prep. However, if you decide to make up a chart with 100 or 125 hours on it, crossing it off as you go, you may be surprised that at the end you’re not scoring much better. That’s because it isn’t only the quantity of practice that ensures success. If you spend your GMAT prep hours efficiently, you can boost your score and meet your goals. But that efficiency requires a plan. Here are specific ways […]
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There’s no doubt that GMAT questions can be tricky. One of the foundational aspects of the best GMAT prep is getting rid of your assumptions and figuring out what these unique questions are really asking. But sometimes, you just don’t know the answer. Your time is short, so you need to choose and move on. And this is when the question arises: Should you guess on the GMAT? What the GMAT Does and Doesn’t Measure It’s important to remember that the GMAT is just a test. It doesn’t […]
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As you may have heard, as of April 2018, the GMAT is officially shorter by half an hour. According to GMAC , the exam will still contain the same content and time allowed per question. This announcement leads to a lot of questions. Here is an explanation of how the exam will be shorter and what it means for you. Where Is the Time Coming From? While the content of the GMAT questions remains the same, there are fewer unscored questions in the Quant and Verbal sections. Quant […]
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It’s one thing to organize and plan your GMAT study schedule. It’s another entirely to stick to it. Sheer determination alone won’t get you across the finish line to confidently taking the GMAT exam. Instead, your GMAT prep should be tailored just to you. Your strengths, your schedule, and your needs should all play a role in preparing you for the test day. As you work to keep your GMAT prep on schedule, here are some tips to help you stay on track and meet your goals. Pace Yourself […]
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As you prepare for your GMAT exam, you may be surprised at the variety of study options. Some business school hopefuls decide to self-direct and use GMAT prep materials they collect themselves. Others opt for a classroom course, depending on the teachers to cover everything they need to score well. The third option, which is growing in popularity, is an online GMAT course. These courses are crafted by experts and draw on the many GMAT resources available. Here are three key reasons why you should prepare for your GMAT exam […]
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In June of 2017, GMAC announced the GMAT Select Sections Order . This means that GMAT test takers can now choose the order in which they complete the exam. This is a big change from the former uniform order, and while it is definitely positive, it can bring some uncertainty with it. Here are some tips on how to use the GMAT Select Sections Order and what it means for you. The Options While you now have a say in the order of your GMAT sections, your choice […]
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