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3 Ways to Reach the 700 GMAT Percentile

By BlogMgmt On Aug 9, 2019 In  General GMAT 



We understand that your GMAT score is one of the most important things in your life right now. If you are taking the test for a second time, however, your GMAT score is not only important to you - but it may also be making you a little bit nervous. Whether this is your first try at acing the GMAT or you just need a little help the second time around, here are 3 ways that you can achieve landing in the 700 GMAT percentile without losing your mind.

Get an early start. 

Research shows that the earlier that you begin prepping for the GMAT, the better off your score will be. While this seems like simple math, here are the stats to drive the point home. Test-takers who studied at least 121 hours for the GMAT scored in the 700 GMAT percentile or higher. Meanwhile, those who studied around 75 hours on average would fall below 400 when results were in. 

Study it all but don’t stress. 

One thing that many people neglect is studying things that they think they already know. Taking one to two weeks to study each portion of your GMAT will help you to come out on top. Analytical writing, integrated reasoning, verbal and quantitative should all be visited prior to taking the GMAT. 

Watch the clock but not too much. 

Those who have scored inside the 700 GMAT percentile offer one piece of advice that you don’t often hear. It’s simple. Watch the clock but not too much. This will allow you to pace yourself so that you can not only score high but complete your test without feeling rushed. 

As you prep for your GMAT, make sure that you are getting enough sleep in the process. No matter how much you know, it is pointless if you fall asleep during the test. And check out empowerGMAT to see how our study aids can help you beat the test. Best of luck! See you at 700!




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