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Advantages of Computer-Based GMAT Prep

By BlogMgmt On Jan 4, 2019 In  Study Plans General GMAT MBA Advice & Tips 


Every year a new crop of official GMAT prep books are written, printed, and shipped to bookstores all over the country. They've served their purpose in the past, and while some still find success with them, we believe there are some very distinct advantages to computer-based GMAT prep. Here are a few of the reasons we think you'll love our GMAT-optimized course.

It Fits Your Lifestyle

Most likely, you already carry around a laptop or tablet that you use to access the internet, complete school assignments, or work. You can study or work from your favorite coffee shop, campus hangout, or even in your company's common areas. Everything is digital. Your books, banking, messaging, and planning are all encompassed in your device. So why would handle prepping for one of the most important exams you'll take in a different way than you manage the rest of your life. If you think about it, Empower GMAT is already with you; you just haven't logged in yet!

Study Like It's the Real Thing

Empower GMAT's web-based platform simulates the environment you'll be in during the actual exam. As the GMAT is a computer-based test, you'll spend several hours at a testing center at a computer. Additionally, the GMAT is adaptive, formulating new questions based on your real-time performance from past problems. This allows for a more accurate assessment of your potential abilities based on how you react to the testing. Our testing can help you prepare for that kind of adaptation by working it into our courses. It is impossible to get this kind of training prep from a GMAT testing book.

Lesson Adjustments

Because our computer-based course is evaluating your performance in real time, we can assess where you're struggling. You get immediate feedback from the course with focused plans to help you gain insight into what you need help with and why. Remember, the GMAT is more about your ability to think critically and evaluate. Our GMAT prep method helps refresh and build the foundation of principles needed to figure out any question the test throws at you.

Instantaneous Feedback

With online GMAT prep, you go through a section, and you have immediate results. No checking your answers against a key in the back of the book. No wasted time, just results that help you get better at preparing for your MBA program and the GMAT exam. Instant feedback during GMAT prep makes you more efficient, helping you save time to continue to do the things that you enjoy.

We Guarantee It!

At EMPOWERgmat, we believe in our product so much that if you're retaking the GMAT, we'll guarantee a 100-point improvement in your score. How's that for standing by our product? Give us a try. You get one hour for free, and if it's not the best GMAT prep you've tried, you don't have to continue.

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