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3 Key Ingredients for Online GMAT Courses

By BlogMgmt On Jan 17, 2019 In  Study Plans General GMAT MBA Advice & Tips 


When it comes to online GMAT courses, you have options. The unfortunate reality is that you also have a lot of bad, or inferior options. More than anything else, we want you to be successful at the GMAT so that your MBA dreams can come true. When looking for a program to help you get the score you desire on the GMAT, here are three critical ingredients for online GMAT courses.

GMAC Authenticity

If you are going to spend time and money on GMAT test prep, it should be accurate. GMAT testing is continuously updated and reworked to ensure the best possible preparation. EMPOWERgmat goes to painstaking lengths to ensure that the training and testing we provide is one hundred percent accurate to the content and approach of the examination. Our practice mimics the computer-based, adaptive nature of the exam in order to give students the best shot at success. You cannot afford to settle for online GMAT courses that take an information-only approach to the GMAT. The test is just as much about a set of skills as it is about content. Master both with our ground-breaking, landscape-changing model.

Interactive, Video-Based

When it comes to online courses, pages and pages of dry information just don't cut it anymore. You need videos to more efficiently and effectively communicate and teach, especially when teaching something as challenging as the GMAT. EMPOWERgmat leads the industry in providing quality, video-based lessons that are highly-structured to ensure you understand each piece of the GMAT puzzle. Our developers ensure that the platform is user-friendly, and our course development team keeps the content on point.


Here's a simple question for you: Would you rather have industry-leading training at an affordable price or overpay for okay training? Seems simple right? Hundreds of people every year choose programs that are inferior to EMPOWERgmat for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars more per month than our course. A quick search of the web will show you that some "top-rated" courses start at $600, $700, and even $800. Even our top course option is less than all of those starting prices. We know that the old saying, "You get what you pay for," is probably ringing in your mind. But in this case, it couldn't be further from the truth. We are so confident in our course that we offer the only 100-point guarantee in the business. Your score improves 100-points, or we'll refund a month of service with no questions asked. You won't find anyone else that stands behind their product like that.

With the abundance of online GMAT courses out there, make sure you're signing up for one that will set you up for success. Check for these key ingredients when choosing your course. And if you're ready to try EMPOWERgmat, visit our website to start your one-hour free trial.

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