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GMAT Prep Shortcuts that Work

By BlogMgmt On Dec 13, 2018 In  Study Plans General GMAT 


While nothing can replace good, old-fashioned studying, it can also be helpful to have some tricks up your sleeve on the GMAT. Here we're going to cover some useful GMAT prep shortcuts to help sharpen your skills for the big day!

Process of Elimination

The first GMAT prep shortcut we recommend is using the process of elimination first to establish which answers are out. Usually, you can eliminate one to two answers early on in your problem-solving. With every answer you remove, you increase your chances of getting it right, even if you end up having to guess. Once you have reduced some of the possibilities, begin working on the question at hand.

Zero to Next Question in 2.5 Minutes

The reality is that you will have to make educated guesses on some of the questions. You're going to be working for about three hours on complicated problems, and you'll need to have at least some sort of plan to use your limited time wisely. We suggest making 2.5 minutes your limit per problem. This is especially true on the Quant section. While many problems will take you much less than the 2.5 minutes, this time marker will help you know when to move on. And, if you're using the process of elimination, even if you have to guess at the end of that time there's a good chance you will have narrowed the options down.

Practice on a Computer

This may sound silly at first, but building up your stamina will matter when test day comes. You'll be at a computer for three hours. Back pain, eye strain, and general fatigue will come into play. Use a quality computer testing program, like EmpowerGMAT’s course, to increase your knowledge and your stamina.

Plan First

In the essay section, planning is essential. Many people start writing immediately without planning their attack. This can lead to a confused essay that lacks the organization and flow that are part of the expectations. Use your first five minutes of the essay section to sketch out a plan in your mind. Then, follow that outline through to the completion of the essay. Your essay will be more organized and understandable, leading to a better score.

Study…a Lot!

The reality with GMAT prep shortcuts is that all the shortcuts in the world won’t replace regular, intentional studying using great prep tools. We believe so strongly in our study course that we offer a 100-point guarantee for those retaking the test. EmpowerGMAT’s ability to help you be a GMAT rock star is well documented. If you're interested in trying out our course, visit our website to study for an hour for free.

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