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What to Look for in a GMAT Prep Course

By BlogMgmt On Oct 11, 2018 In  Study Plans General GMAT 


Your GMAT score is crucial for your MBA program application. Proper preparation is necessary for you to score your best. Doing well on the GMAT involves understanding the content, but it also involves understanding the GMAT itself. We’ve written before about the first steps for getting ready for the GMAT. You need to understand how much time you have to prepare and set aside enough time for proper preparation. Once you have the time blocked out on your schedule, you need to select a GMAT prep course. Your GMAT prep course will involve a considerable investment on your part of both time and money. Plus, there are many different options for a GMAT prep course that range from self-study to online to in person. With all of those options, how do you decide which GMAT prep course is best for you?

A Comprehensive GMAT Prep Course

There is a wide variety of GMAT prep resources available. You might be tempted to DIY or mix and match between different resources. However, selecting one comprehensive approach is the most effective. Think of it like having a coach or a personal trainer. You want to have one consistent voice and approach. A comprehensive prep course will focus on content areas and offer advice on test-taking. A comprehensive prep course like EMPOWERgmat uses all real GMAT questions and official practice exams to make sure that all of the time you set aside for your preparation is strategic and targeted.

A Realistic GMAT Prep Course

Let’s be honest, your GMAT preparation happens alongside your real life. Of course, you want a high quality, comprehensive GMAT prep course. But, if it doesn’t work with your real life, then you won’t get the most out of it. The two main factors for realistic preparation are cost and time. How much money do you have to spend on a GMAT prep course and when are you going to prepare? We have written before about Why You Should Choose an Online GMAT Course Instead of Classroom Instruction. An online GMAT prep course is financially reasonable and incredibly flexible. It allows you to go through the preparation at your own pace in a way that fits into your real life. Plus, you get a course that has a consistent voice and approach but isn’t at the mercy of the strengths and weaknesses of any individual instructor.

The GMAT prep course you choose can have a huge influence on your final score. Make sure you're choosing the best course for you in order to boost your chances of getting the score you want. Visit EMPOWERgmat to learn about our comprehensive, realistic GMAT prep course and try a free trial today.

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