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Using the GMAT Enhanced Score Report to Raise Your Score

By BlogMgmt On Oct 4, 2018 In  General GMAT 


We have written before about why you should take the GMAT twice and strategies for your second time. If you are retaking the GMAT, then you should be using the Enhanced Score Report. You know what your score was, but do you know why? The Enhanced Score Report will help you understand why you scored the way you did and help you improve the second time around. Don’t retake the GMAT without the Enhanced Score Report. 

How to Get Your Enhanced Score Report

The GMAT Enhanced Score Report is an add-on product to the GMAT exam. You're able to purchase it before or after your exam. Furthermore, this report is available for five years after your exam date (for those who have taken the exam after October 1, 2013). You will receive your Enhanced Score Report within 24 hours of your purchase after taking the GMAT.

What Your Enhanced Score Report Tells You

The Enhanced Score Report will show you advanced analytics about your score to help you pinpoint key areas for improvement. You will have access to data showing your performance as you progressed through various sections. It will also show your fundamental skills analysis and a customized summary report about your strengths and weaknesses. You can even find out how well you performed on more difficult questions and how your results compare with other test takers. 

How to Raise Your Score 

The GMAT Enhanced Score Report will give you lots of information about your GMAT score. You will be able to pinpoint fundamental skill areas for improvement. You will also be able to analyze the data about progress and time management to help understand and improve your test-taking experience. Don’t retake the GMAT without the Enhanced Score Report. This crucial piece of advanced data will help you maximize your preparation for retaking the GMAT.

The Enhanced Score Report can be an excellent tool to improve your score after your first GMAT attempt. If you're not satisfied with your first GMAT score, don't retake it alone. EMPOWERgmat has the study tools you need to get the score you want. You want to raise your score, and we are here to help. We are here to help you boost your score on your second GMAT exam. We guarantee an improvement of at least 70 points, or you don’t have to pay! Read more about our options or start your one hour free trial now.

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