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How to Integrate Your GMAT Preparation into Your Life

By BlogMgmt On Oct 25, 2018 In  Study Plans General GMAT 


The GMAT exam requires preparation. You need to plan your GMAT preparation in order to maximize your results. We have written before about How Long You Should Study for the GMAT. The bottom line is that you should allow several months to study. During those months you need to study frequently and regularly. Of course, you already have a busy and full life. Here are some tips for integrating your GMAT preparation into the rest of your busy life.


Schedule Your GMAT Preparation


GMAT preparation is a major commitment. We have written before about how to make your GMAT prep more effective and how to keep your prep on schedule. Many people have compared it to training for a marathon. You are going to need to set aside lots of time to study. You cannot cram for this exam. You also can’t nibble at your preparation in small, stolen moments. The test itself will take you about an hour on each section. Your study time should mirror the exam. You need to set aside large blocks of time that require mental focus and rigor.
The first step is understanding your current schedules and commitments. Take a look at your schedule. Are there specific days or specific times that you have gaps? When are you at your best? You need to block these out on your calendar as standing appointments. These are as important as every other appointment on your calendar. Go ahead and pencil in “G. P.” for GMAT preparation. Now, think through times in your week that you could turn into GMAT preparation time. Do you commute on the train? Do you travel for work? Maximizing travel time by doing GMAT preparation is a key way to fit this into the rest of your life.

On Demand GMAT Flexibility

You need to schedule your preparation. You also need reasonable flexibility. Emergencies and unexpected events will pop up. You, or a family member, could get sick. Traditional classroom approaches to GMAT preparation can be derailed by life. Instead, online options are there when you are ready for them. You don’t have to worry about making time for a class at the same time every week. You can access our video library and work at your own pace. This combination of robust resources and on demand flexibility helps you integrate GMAT prep into the rest of your life. Online prep courses can flex and adapt to the variety in your busy schedule.
An online GMAT prep course can help you fit your GMAT studying into your busy life. At EMPOWERgmat, we are here to help you succeed. Our programs fit seamlessly into your busy life to help maximize your results.

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