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Why EMPOWERgmat Built a Program Centered on Official GMAT material

By BlogMgmt On Mar 2, 2018 In  Study Plans General GMAT MBA Advice & Tips 


GMAT test preparation involves making sure you have the basic skills you need, understand the question formats, and know how to pace yourself. EMPOWERgmat built a program centered on official GMAT material as a key part of any study strategy you choose. It gives you the actual experience of taking the exam.

Our program includes several updated features, including tools to help you review your responses, analyze your scores, and customize practice sessions. We have designed a program to keep you on track with studying and completely prepared for the exam. We use material that is more than just filling your head with high school math. Below are reasons our program is centered on official GMAT material.

There are Limitations to Print Materials

Books are structured to follow an academic design. Explanations to practice questions can be step-heavy and technical. GMAT questions can be solved in multiple ways. Authors of print material choose to answer the question in one way and explain why in technical terms. Print materials do not show you the tactical ways to answer GMAT questions.

LSAT Materials Are Not Enough

Many students believe that using LSAT materials is the best route for GMAT test preparation. This is due to the verbal section of the GMAT. While the LSAT has a lot in common with the GMAT, there are significant differences worth acknowledging. You’re far more likely to waste time learning concepts that you’ll never see on the GMAT.

In general, LSAT passages and questions are larger than the GMAT equivalent. By studying the LSAT material, you will be wasting study time on questions that may not appear on the GMAT.  The goal is to increase your GMAT skills and score a higher level on the exam. If you want to properly train for the GMAT, then you should be using proper GMAT resources.

You Need More Than GMAT Material

There is more to GMAT test preparation than reading the material. Your mind and body have to adapt to the physical format of test day. To maximize your performance on test day, try to mirror all of the physical variables that you’ll face that day. One of the top worries when preparing for the GMAT exam is how well you will perform on the verbal section of the test. One small mistake on the verbal section can cause your brain to spiral down a funnel of questioning yourself and your answers. In addition, the verbal section is the final 75 minutes of a four-hour exam, when you’ll be far more tired and ready to give up than you would be in the quant section. With our program, you can train for these exact GMAT concepts.

You Should NOT be Wasting Time on non-GMAT Concepts

There are a variety of different GMAT study materials available. A percentage of test takers decide to use non-GMAT based study materials during their studies. This is the worst decision you could make for improving your GMAT score. At EMPOWERgmat, we provide official GMAT material to help you succeed in every way.

Sign up for a free one-hour lesson with our exclusive program. You’ll see first-hand how we differ from the competition!

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