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Taking The MOST Realistic Practice CATs is an Essential Part of the Study Process

By Max Peterson On Apr 18, 2016 In  Study Plans General GMAT 


When it comes to studying for the GMAT, there are LOTS of different practice resource to choose from. While individual Test Takers will vary on how they ‘best’ learn, the reality is that taking full-length CATs (with the Essay and IR sections) under realistic conditions is an essential part of the study process for ALL Test Takers.

The Quality of the CATs that you use matters a GREAT deal

Taking full CATs is truly the only way to gauge your ‘readiness’ to face the Official GMAT. In that regard though, the options are somewhat limited. While some GMAT companies have produced reasonably accurate ‘homemade’ practice CATs, others have created CATs that are from realistic. Unfortunately, since the Official GMAT algorithm is proprietary, no GMAT company has an exact match for it, thus CAT scores (and accuracy) can vary based on the 'biases' involved in the respective designs of those CATs. Thankfully, GMAC has recently released Exam Pack 2, which brings the total number of Official CATs up to SIX!

The Importance of The GMAC CATs cannot be overlooked

Test Day is a rather specific ‘event’; the details (even the little ones) can impact your performance a great deal. There are a number of factors that you won’t have complete control over during practice nor on Test Day (e.g. the amount of sleep you get the night before your Test, your stress levels, the Testing Center environment, etc.). However, you CAN be sure that you’re using the MOST realistic practice CATs available. Those 6 GMAC CATS all use ‘retired’ GMAT questions; and while the pool of questions that comes with each CAT is limited (relative to the pool that you’ll face on Test Day), the Scoring Algorithm is the SAME one that controls the Official GMAT.  In that way, you can be sure that you’re getting the MOST realistic experience when you take those 6 CATS. 

The Choices YOU make during practice WILL impact your results on Test Day

How you choose to study and the resources that you use will ultimately play a big role in how you perform on the Official GMAT. To help you take advantage of this monumental product release from GMAC, the EMPOWERgmat Course has been redesigned to include ALL SIX CATs as part of the Course. As part of your enrollment, you’ll receive access to ALL 6 of the GMAC CATs.! We are currently the ONLY GMAT Company to offer this option - if you’re reading this, then you are some of the first Test Takers to learn about this exciting opportunity!

If you’d like to know about this game-changing Course improvement, then you can read all about it here:


And if you have any questions, then you can feel free to contact me or reach out to the Support Team (at Info@empowergmat.com).

GMAT assassins aren’t born, they’re made,


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