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Articles tagged with "business school"
The GMAT and the GRE are frequently discussed as rival exams. In reality, they are very different and difficult to even compare. The two tests differ in types of questions, adaptive algorithm, scoring, and test-taker demographics. Because of all of these differences, you can easily determine which one to take. Base your decision between the two tests on your goals, your top school choices, and your strengths and weaknesses. Today, we’ll expand on these criteria to help you pinpoint the right choice for your needs. What Are Your Grad […]
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If you are hoping to get into business school, you will most likely be pouring hours of your time into studying for the GMAT exam. At some point, you will probably find yourself asking if all the work and stress is worthwhile. Could the test be that important for business school? The short answer is yes, it definitely is. But as with most answers, it’s more nuanced than that. Let’s explore the role of the GMAT in the business school application process and beyond. The Role of the GMAT […]
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